A. We develop applications for plant derived structural composites and associated scaled manufacturing. Our first product is an electric powertrain biocomposite motorcycle to provide cheap personal transport in the global south, especially in remote rural areas lacking transport infrastructure. Production methods are scaled from local and labour intensive, using our 3 Hut system, to industrial. The materials, bike and production processes have significant industrial, social, ecological and economic impacts.
B. We are in early stage development of machine cognition and data analytics, first in health care. This addresses a contradiction in health care. Complexity requires the narrow focus of specialism to make clinical practice possible for human minds, but effective intervention requires collaboration across and beyond specialisms, on the whole person, with their social, emotional and physical context. Our systems will aggregate data from wearable sensors on individual daily life, with health data and natural language processing of published research. The objective is advice, guidance and assistance to patients, clinicians, managers, researchers, politicians, funding agencies and the media.
You can read about this at: www.biebuycktechnologies.com