Modular production processes, scaled from one off to industrial, include local materials and user control, as well as large scale factory production and global distribution.

Our proposal is to develop applications for farm and forest feedstock, renewable, low carbon, bio materials.   Our first products are motorcycles.  Bikes are a lot of fun  – having fun is a great driver (;)) of business and sales -  and generate profile in most cultures.  With a ready and profitable market, well established engineering,  diverse applications for new plant derived products and relevance to transport and economic development in underperforming, global rural economies and markets, bikes will support our scaled, sequential, planned move from early stage small scale to global mass production.

In underperforming rural economies (most of them), substantial public financial support is available, costs are generally low, feedstocks available locally, there is demand for motorcycles as private transport and, for the future, opportunities to establish franchised and managed service and production facilities.  Local manufacture of cheap personal transport from local resources will leverage the social and economic impact of our products.